Blanking, punching, shearing etc.:
Punches for high duty and complicated progressive and integral cutting dies, mainly for industries making electrical equipment, fittings, card-board, preserve cans, and watches; saw teeth cutting dies, scraping and trimming tools for maximum production runs, all types of high duty punches, high performance shear blades for cutting sheet of up to 4 mm thickness, deburring tools, and cutters for wire nail manufacture.

Broaches, cutters for steel wool production, high duty woodworking tools.

Chipless shaping:
Thread rolling dies, flanging and beading dies, punches and dies for cold nut manufacture; tools for spinning, pressing, deep drawing, and cold extrusion of light alloys and steel; master hobs for making synthetic resin, molding dies, knurling tools, wire drawing dies, mandrels and dies for tube and rod drawing, mandrels for the cold pilger rolling of steel tubes, hammers and reducing dies for needle manufacture.

Wear resisting tools and components:
Press tools for the processing of highly abrasive ceramic materials, liner plates for the brick industry and for making refractories, press tools for the pharmaceutical industry, automatic lathe guide sleeves, guide bars in centerless grinding machines, cone pulleys and rings for wire drawing machines, sandblast nozzles, and tools for the powder metal industry.

Hot work tools:
High duty hammer cores for the manufacture of scythes and sickles, and for fast hitting hammers used to forge hard or high alloy steels; tyre mill finishing rolls, hot drawing rings etc.

Melting Route



  • Износостойкость: хорошо


Прочность на сжатие Размерная стабильность при термообработке Вязкость Абразивная износостойкость Стойкость к адгезии

Обозначения материала

1.2436 X210CrW12 ~ D6




2,10 0,25 0,40 11,50 0,70

Химсостав (среднее значение %)

Производственная программа

  • Листы
  • Длинномерные изделия



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